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X1C/X1iC RFID HF Printers

Model:ZMIN X1C / X1iC

Small Shell Packed With Powerful Performance. Support ISO/IEC 15693/14443A/NFC tags.


    X1C/X1iC RFID HF Printers

    Small Shell Packed With Powerful Performance.


    ZMIN HF RFID barcode label printer supports printing labels while RFID reading and writing, printing only or RFID reading and writing only.
    Its compact appearance, powerful performance, compactness and durability combine to meet the needs of small space and high-intensity printing applications.
    It supports reading the tag ID and converting it to text or barcode and printing it on the current label at the same time, and can write the specified data to the label.
    The printer's functions of reading code, writing code and real-time status feedback are all at the front end of the industry. The machine intelligent learning algorithm is adopted to avoid misreading, miswriting, rereading, rewriting, etc. The bad label automatically prints the mark and can replace some label initialization.
    The printer's unique one-button auto-calibration function, combined with the computer-based visual RFID calibration tool, allows quick and easy parameter setting for all types of labels, eliminating the need for cumbersome manual operations.

    Powerful software LabelSoft, can easy to design and print a variety of labels.